World's Longest Field Goal- Robot vs NFL Kicker

My Field Goal Kicking Robot v. the NFL longest field goal record holder Matt Prater.
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  1. Mark Rober

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    BRPF!!! Get your 40mph blanket here or go make your own!

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    Your 😂 is genuinely infectious... literally it makes me happy...I'm goin THROUGH alot... Ur vids help keep me sane....thanks for saving my life...

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    love you buddy

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    19:18 the sun

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    Mark I probably watch this 300 times times and nasa gave us something and I drew a rover mars

  12. Caden_1107

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    That close up of marks foot tho

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    18:40 opps my leg

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    I like your vids!!!

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  24. Lingy Guisar

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    Screw that staff member who didn't let that drone fly in the field.

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    I just heard mark does not have robo windows


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    0:15s Is it just me or is that sun giant?!

  40. nithin r s

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    It's not soccer. American football is a geared up rugby.

  41. David Baker

    David Baker19 klukkustundum síðan

    The rugby penalty goal record is larger by a reasonable margin 🙂🙃

  42. Etienne Lantuit

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    12:40 he's my boy I think he identifies as a girl now. great video though!

  43. Quentin WATIER

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    Sorry, I only buy blankets based on the metric system.

  44. Literally blank circle

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  46. hen ko

    hen koDegi Síðan síðan

    For someone just kicking FGs for the first time, it's pretty darn impressive you nearly got a 45 yarder.

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    Anybody listened that sound when Rober was kicking that ........

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    Fun Fact: this man teaches you more than your teacher

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    You should do one at full power with the spline shaft

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    The only reason I liked the video was the travel montage

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    How did he keep finding incredible peoplw

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    A 22 minute video that only needed to be 2 minutes.

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    Awesome! I live and work right by Ford Field. I hope Michigan and the city itself treated you well!

  69. walldoo99

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    LOL I've had a few keys do that. We kept bars of key stock in stock and cut them down to the length we needed. It's meant to work like a fusible links and shear off before you break something more valuable, like the driveshaft of your electric motor

  70. jjww30

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    A scientist who correctly uses “hypothesis” and not “theory.” Most impressive.

  71. jjww30

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    Pretty close. A theory is the synthesis of a large body of information that encompasses well tested and verified hypothesis about certain aspects of the natural world. A hypothesis is an educated guess that can be right or wrong.

  72. Bring Back Inzanity Popcap

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    I'm no scientist, but let me guess, "theory" is a slightly proven thought, like there's some evidence. And "hypothesis" is a fully blank slate of knowledge, with nothing proven. Sorry if it's wrong.

  73. jjww30

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    You flew Delta. Ick.

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    I liked this video only because the blanket! LOL! Really cool!

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    I love when mark is exited you cant understand him at all

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    18:42 !

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    15:23 Vacation - Dirty Heads

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    Excellent video. Matt Prater sounds like a great guy!

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    Is no one going to mention 13:30 and how it looks like he's pegging that dude? like bruh

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    Do you have a video on vibrations

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